Charlie Chaplin “The Vagabond” (1916)

Sala de Cinema Charlie Chaplin o Vagabundo filmes classicos The Vagabond by Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin’s “The Vagabond”

The Vagabond by Charlie Chaplin is the Caplin’s 53rd Film released July 10 1916. The Vagabond was a silent film by Charlie Chaplin and his third film with Mutual Films. Released in 1916, it co-starred Edna Purviance, Eric Campbell, Leo White and Lloyd Bacon. This film echoed Chaplin’s work on The Tramp, with more drama mixed in with comedy. The story begins with Charlie, playing music to raise money, and instead finds the abused girl (played by Edna) living in a gypsy camp. As in The Tramp, he works on finding a way to help her.


The story begins with Charlie, the Tramp, arriving at a bar, playing on a violin to raise money and exciting rivalry with competing musicians – which results in a bar room brawl and comic mayhem.
Wandering off into the vicinity of a gypsy caravan, in the country, he encounters the beautiful, though bedraggled, Edna and entertains her with his violin. She has been abducted and abused by the gypsies, chief among them Eric Campbell, who whips her mercilessly. Charlie comes to her rescue and knocks her tormentors on the head with a stick, before riding off with her in a commandeered cart. The intimacy which develops between them, as Charlie washes her face in a bowl and combs her hair, is complicated by the arrival of an artist love rival and her parents. Driving off with the latter, Edna suddenly realises that her heart belongs to Charlie and orders the car to reverse and take him along with her.

The Vagabond

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